In its acquisition/rehabilitation capacity C&C Development has the proven ability to approach dilapidated, gang, drug and crime-infested properties with success. The Company’s acquisition and rehabilitation of affordable housing communities act as a catalyst for the surrounding neighborhood, initiating further development and redevelopment of adjacent parcels. C&C Development’s projects are often “A first step in the right direction” for distressed properties and neighborhoods.

Prior to acquisition, C&C works with the existing resident population and surrounding property owners to establish trust and to convey the message that change is occurring at the property and within the neighborhood. In order to gain the trust of the residents, C&C provides previous examples of similar projects, explains the scope of rehabilitation, the income restrictions and resident qualification process. C&C works with adjoining property owners through direct contact and interaction at community meetings to facilitate improvements throughout the neighborhood.

C&C has its own General Contractor’s license which enables us to reduce costs and have greater oversight of the project. C&C also employs its own construction staff to reduce costs even further. The oversight and cost savings allow C&C to complete its projects on time and on budget. The Wilshire Apartments and Townsend & Raitt Apartments are recent examples of neighborhoods that have been transformed by C&C Development’s acquisition and rehabilitation expertise.