C&C Development Disallows Smoking in its
Newer Rental Properties

The creation of healthy housing, neighborhoods and communities is a national initiative that is gaining traction with California’s builders and developers. The Orange County Register recently published an article “Non-Smoking Apartments Catch On” that reported on the growing popularity of non-smoking multi-family properties to eradicate the harmful effects of cigarette smoke and especially second hand smoke. http://www.ocregister.com/articles/smoke-601777-smoking-housing.html

According to the article, “The American Cancer Society estimates that second hand smoke kills thousands of Americans each year.” C&C Development LLC, and its affordable housing partner, Orange Development Corp., were featured in the article, which focused on the benefits of smoke-free environments and human problems associated with rental properties that allow smoking. The American Cancer Society points out that, “Anti-smoking advocates says it’s (cigarette smoke) especially problematic in homes sharing common walls and ventilation systems, with windows and balconies often adjacent or close together.”

Seven affordable housing properties owned and operated by C&C Development, a for-profit company, and Orange Housing Development, a nonprofit builder – both based in Orange County have been smoke-free since their completion.. Two of those non-smoking properties are Terraces at Santiago in Santa Ana and Serrano Woods in Orange. Barry Cottle, C&C Development principal, told the writer that his company gives potential renters fair warning that they will not be allowed to smoke in the company’s newer properties. Commenting on the article, Cottle notes, “We inform people at the very beginning of the leasing process that a property will be non-smoking. As far as we know, we have never lost a resident because a property does not allow smoking.”