Birch, Birch, Bush (BBB) Apartments


The Birch, Birch, Bush (BBB) Apartments have added 15 apartments to the City of Santa Ana’s affordable housing stock and have improved the immediate social and economic fabric of the surrounding neighborhood and community through the development of three vacant lots into a vibrant, affordable community.

Located at 217-219 South Birch, 435-437 South Birch, and 2034-2038 North Bush, the apartments sites are all approximately 14,000 square feet and each building features Spanish style architecture. Each site encompasses a five-plex building with two 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments. The 2-bedroom apartments range in size from approximately 1,108 to 1,480 square feet and the 3-bedrooms units from 1,614 to 1,681 square feet. The apartments are larger than usual for affordable housing to provide families with sufficient space and privacy.

The apartments buildings are designed to complement and enhance the surrounding neighborhood and are constructed with smooth stucco and tile roofs and exterior details include decorative wrought iron and gables, wall sconces, decorative arches, metal finials, and recessed stucco elements with wrought iron lattice. With family living in mind, the buildings have central courtyards, gated pedestrian access, private patios, and two-car garages. Each apartment features air conditioning, great rooms, private decks with enclosed, secure storage and laundry hookups in apartments.