C&C Development understands and embraces the value that quality social services brings to each of its properties by providing the opportunity for both family and senior citizen residents to enhance their life and lifestyle. To fulfill this goal, C&C has established partnerships with The Wooden Floor, Lighthouse Learning Centers, Kidworks, Families Forward, and THINK Together, as well as local YMCAs to provide beneficial social services within its properties. These programs deliver invaluable resources and services to residents and surrounding neighborhoods and services are tailored to fit the needs of each resident population.

After school tutoring, athletics, English classes, nutrition classes, health clinics, family classes, computer labs, photography classes, and art classes are just some of the programs and services that are provided free of charge and are available to all the residents within the community. Especially important is the availability of education services to young residents. Studies such as ones conducted by the Center for Housing Policy have found that quality after-school programs which focus on the health and academic achievement of youth can have a positive impact on children’s formal educational advancement by increasing school attendance, enhancing work habits, and strengthening task persistence.

A prime example of the comprehensive and innovative social programming offered at C&C’s property’s is the Depot at Santiago’s partnership with The Wooden Floor. The Wooden Floor is a non-profit organization that gives under -served youth the tools to live fuller, healthier lives through a unique lifestyle approach based on the dynamics of dance. Participants of The Wooden Floor program engage in intensive dance education supported by academics, college and career readiness programs, and family support services intended to improve the way youth make decisions and helping them to discover and more fully pursue their education and career potential. The Wooden Floor’s model has received numerous awards and recognition, and since 2005 all of its senior class members have graduated from high school on-time and enrolled in higher education institutions, more than double the national average for their socioeconomic peers.